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This website is a journal of my journey in the field of watch repairing, restoration, watch collecting and general watch 'observation'. I hope you will find some of the information provided here educational and entertaining.

Time generation and time transportation

Yes we are surrounded by time-telling devices! Mobile phones, personal computers, microwave, video recorder, TV sets, digital watches and clocks, fax machines - you name it - it seems that time is everywhere!

But where does the time come from? ... more

One Mighty Swing

"Can you explain the purpose of pallets and how the pallets are "connected" to the escape wheel and balance wheel?"

Dear TK,
I guess the easiest way to answer your question would be to provide a link to Wikipedia, "Lever Escapement." The only problem with that is that these seven paragraphs of explanation are written by ... more

Vallee de Joux

Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the few watch manufacturers who are able to merge the beauty of forms and useful functions in perfect harmony. The flawlessness of their movements is legendary but what sets LeCoultre ahead of competition is something very unique ... more

Pendule de Voyage

The reasons why carriage clocks are so popular amongst horologists are many: they are decorative, old and interesting, entirely practical as timekeepers with a reasonable degree of accuracy (some keeping better time than your modern Rolex ... more

What to collect?

What should I collect?" is question often asked by both novice watch enthusiast and seasoned collector. With so many attractive watches to be collected settling for a single ... more

Make it a Rolexmas!

A lifetime Gift for Christmastime - Because it is the best! The Rolex has emerged from every recognised test as the best time keeper in the world, a fact that is vouched for by Twenty World Records." And not to mention that obviously "...ALL GOOD JEWELLERS ... more

Rolex Case Polishing

Restoring or refinishing a stainless steel watch case is not as difficult as may be thought. Unfortunately most watchmakers are either not interested in doing it properly or were never taught how to do it. Those few who have mastered the skill of hand-polishing would rather die then to revel their secret of the trade! The trick in obtaining mirror-like finish is simple ... more

Omega Railmaster 2503.52 Vs. Rolex Explorer 114270

The original Omega Rialmaster was first launched in 1957. as the successor to a watch created for the British Air Force in 1953. It was designed specifically for scientist, technicians, electricians and railway workers as it had a special double anti-magnetic case to protect the movement from harmful effects of strong magnetic fields.

Created in 1953, the Rolex Explorer was intended for rugged expedition use. It was issued for use on many notable expeditions - including the one led by Sir John Hunt which successfully ascended Mount Everest in May 1953...more

The 10 most legendary watches 'Down Under'

Straight from the horse's mouth: The list of watches regarded by Australian watch collectors as cult, sought after or simply the most talked about timepieces 'Down Under'...And aussies just love them....more

Ten things to look for when buying a Rolex watch

The selection of a Rolex watch is a highly subjective process. Watches, like some other possessions, speak volumes about the people owning or wearing or using them. A watch, then, is like jewellery or clothing or even a motor car in that it is a personality...more

Rolex gold bracelet: Fake or Real

Rolex President bracelets are stamped with hallmarks and other markings including Rolex logo, Geneve, Swiss Made, 18K, bracelet reference number etc on the inside of the folding clasp, as shown below...more

cal. 3135 jewels count
How many jewels are inside Rolex Cal. 3135 ?

While doing a bit of research on jewels, I've decided - for the first time ever- to actually count the number of jewels in Rolex Cal. 3135. To my surprise, the total count is 40 - not 31 as marked on the auto bridge. Obviously there has to be a reason behind this ... more

rolex plexi mineral sapphire crystal glass
Plexi vs. Crystal

Here is a photo of Rolex Submariner 16610 that was dropped on tiled floor. Due to the impact, the crystal glass cracked. Number of small glass particles went through date display window and found their way into the movement ... more

brand new in a box BNIB new old stock NOS
"Brand new in a box"

This Rolex just came in today. An "E" serial NOS ca. 1991, apparently new old stock, unworn watch. Note the absence of any wear under the lug (yellow arrow). Even internally, the watch looks as good as brand new however this could fool only a novice watch collector... more

rust rolex waterproof corosion
Rostfrei Rolex

Heavily corroded and pitted Rolex steel case, area under the case back seal. Ref 16233, E serial. Fairly common with watches 20+ years old. This particular watch has never been exposed to salt water, and has been worn only occasionally as a dress timepiece... more

rolex datejust ladys gents service
"Until death do us part"

Two diamond dial Rolex Datejust; sold together, worn together, and as per customers request serviced together. The photo below is showing the both movements completely disassembled, ready for cleaning. The next step is assembly, lubrication, adjustment and case polishing. Sneezing not recommended ! more

waterproof watch rolex corosion
Telling the Time Under Water

The entire week was hectic enough without having to deal with yet another urgent job but the Zenith El Primero brought in for "service" looked more like the Titanic than the pride and joy of Swiss watchmaking...more

1962. Omega and COSC

For some strange reason, many Rolex owners are prepared to put up with poor time-keeping. Most mechanical watches- if serviced and adjusted properly- are capable of keeping precise time... more

Golf anyone ?

A victim of freak golfing accident: Rolex president hit by bag of golf clubs. The full impact was absorbed by wearers wrist (ouch!) but the bracelet was badly deformed... more

Rolex clasp : gold plated or gold-fused

Gold electroplating is the process of using electrical current to coat a base metal with a relatively thin layer of gold. The thickness of the layer is 5-20 microns. Closer examination of Rolex Submariner 16613 clasp will show that the actual clasp is not electroplated... more

The Mysterious Rolex Submariner 5512

Here is the story of "mysterious" Rolex 5512 from 1960s that came in with owners note: "I had left my 5512 Submariner with a local watchmaker to service a few weeks ago. Anyway yesterday he tells me he cannot adjust the accuracy of the watch below 30 minutes a day. He doesn't know what is exactly wrong...more

One frustrating restoration project

A very frustrating, yet rewarding restoration project - and on "difficulty scale" this one was solid 8 out of 10. 1880s French carriage clock, quarter repeater that came in in bits and pieces. It took me 2 months to identify what was missing and then to hand make parts, including wheel and pinion cutting...more

DIY: Rolex bezel inserter tool

Here is simple bezel insert fitting attachment for hand press. You can turn it in lathe in no time at all. I made this one from aluminium but you can use teflon or hard plastic. Keep in mind that bezel insert is essentially a spring and it sits inside bezel because of it's inner tension...more

Totally biased review of an Anonimo Chrono Ref.2007(MCA)

I am often asked which watch I prefer. When I was younger a watch was worn. Now one is rarely worn for two reasons: firstly, I no longer need a watch to tell time and secondly, my wrist is now fairly large. Most watches I would like to wear are small on me...more

Bottom of the Harbour haven for Rolex

What would you say if I told you there is a place where you can find a treasure trove of Rolex watches just waiting to be picked up? It's true. That's got your attention hasn't it ? What will keep your attention is the knowledge that your Rolex may be the next to end up here... more

When money is not an issue

Have you ever asked yourself what is the most expensive part inside your Rolex ? Taking in consideration that almost all movent parts are essential (except for a screw or two) it would be unfair to single out any particular bit... more

Blue watch, gold crown: Rolex 16613

For some strange reason I have always thought that Rolex 16613 winding crown is made out of solid 18K gold.
You too? Really? Small world. more

Rugged and reliable Rolex

Number of moving parts is indirectly proportional to reliability. Say goodbye to all Chrono, GMT and date models... more

The Moon Watch - Omega Speedmaster restoration

On 1st March 1965, OMEGA's Speedmaster chronograph was "flight-qualified by NASA for all manned space missions" as the only wristwatch to have withstood all of the U.S. space agency's severe tests under conditions of zero gravity and magnetic fields, extreme shocks, vibrations... more

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